Stubborn raccoon refuses to leave man's property despite all his efforts (video)

Aug 11, 2018
10:16 A.M.

The video of a man using a rake to get the raccoon out of his yard gained attention on social media and has received over a million hits on YouTube.


Carsen Parker from Elkhorn, New England, took matters into his own hands to free a raccoon that was trapped in his backyard. He videotaped the entire moment.

The homeowner slowly walked towards the mammal, who appeared to be a bit scared.

The poor animal was unable to find his way out, which made Parker decide to assist it.

Source: YouTube/carsenparker

Source: YouTube/carsenparker

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At first, Parker can be heard talking to the raccoon and convincing it to walk towards the exit.

When words didn’t convince the animal, he took a metal rake and used it to usher the raccoon in the right path slowly.


Source: YouTube/carsenparker

Source: YouTube/carsenparker

At one point, the raccoon seemed to have understood what Parker was doing, but eventually got distracted and started climbing onto the railings.

The raccoon then clung tightly on the railings and looked at Parker straight in the eyes.

Soon after, Parker said, “If that's how we're going to do it, you will need some help.”

The raccoon and Parker went back and forth as the man assisted the animal to cross over the fence successfully.

Source: YouTube/carsenparker

Source: YouTube/carsenparker

After a while, Parker was able to get him out of the yard using the garden tool, but the raccoon held onto it, refusing to let go.

When it eventually let go of the rake, the raccoon continued to hang on the fence outside the yard. Parker was satisfied that he was able to get the mammal out of his yard and went back inside his home.

30 minutes later, Parker decided to go out and saw that the raccoon was still hanging on the fence, seemingly staring longingly at his garden.


The video was taken in 2011 and has now reached a little over one million views.

Some YouTube users praised Parker for his attempt to rescue the mammal, but there were others who judged his strategy and claimed that what he did was dangerous.

Raccoons being spotted in people’s backyards is a common situation, and there are some things a person can do to get rid of them.

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