The Blast: 'Pawn Stars' Chumlee celebrates engagement amid over 100-pound weight loss update

Austin Russell, commonly known as Chumlee, went out for dinner in order to allegedly celebrate his engagement to Olivia Rademann, as well as his incredible weight loss.

The 35-year-old seems to be in an incredible phase of his life, especially after the tough journey that he went through to lose all the excess weight.

According to The Blast, Chumlee joined his fiancée, her family and his brother at a fancy dinner at Andiamo Italian Steakhouse in downtown Las Vegas.

Back in May, the Pawn Star took to his Instagram to share a photo of Olivia wearing a beautiful diamond engagement ring, with a caption saying 'now you know.'

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It isn't exactly certain what Chumlee had for dinner but the History Channel star has been very careful about what he puts in his body, which led him to shed the extra weight.

But diet alone didn't help the 35-year-old lose 100 pounds; in fact, he was submitted to a gastric sleeve, which allowed him to drop from 344 lbs to 305.

Now, Chumlee is down to 230 lbs and to illustrate the difference in size and shape, the Pawn Star took to Instagram to share a video with his fans and followers.

In the short clip, Chumlee can be seen holding a pair of size 42 shorts,  which he then compared with a pair of size 34 jeans that h he now wears.

Even the 35-year-old seemed amazed by how much weight he was able to lose. But while Chumlee is in a great phase of his life,  the Pawn Stars crew is not.

Recently, the show suffered a terrible loss, as Richard 'Old Man' Harrison, the head of the Harrison family, passed way in June after battling with Parkinson's disease.

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