Adorable Grizzly bear sits next to the road and waves to drivers

Pedro Marrero
Dec 18, 2018
05:36 P.M.

This Grizzly bear surprised a couple of lucky visitors by being an excellent host. The woman in the video never expected such a welcoming from the impressive animal.


The politeness of one of the several bears that live in the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim, Washington, turned it into a viral phenomenon back in 2010.

Youtube user “homefry815” uploaded the short video eight years aog, and since then it has been played over 19 million times.

It is remarkable how this bear mocks human behavior, and we bet you won’t resist watching it repeatedly. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

Source: Youtube/ homefry815

Source: Youtube/ homefry815


The animal was sitting on the grass when a car parked in front of it. As the person behind the wheel holds the camera to capture the moment, the woman in the front seat waves hello to the bear.

Surprisingly, the bear immediately waves back, making it impossible for the pair inside the car not to laugh.

The Olympic Game Farm used to be the filming location of Walt Disney Studios until they stopped making live-action animal movies in the 70s.


Today it houses more than 200 animals, some of which have been featured in movies, but it is mostly a refuge for animals raised in captivity in need of a safe home.

Robert Beebe, whose family has run the farm for generations, is one of the day-to-day supervisors of the complex, and he has shared that the behavior that surprises everyone in the viral video is something they do ever since he can remember.

Source: Youtube/ homefry815

Source: Youtube/ homefry815


"It's something they've always done. The [original bears] were hand-raised here in the house with my grandparents, so they were really used to people. And they had some other training off and on. But waving was not [part of that training]," said Beebe.

But as the animal expert explains, bears are fast learners and they quickly figured that if they act in a pleasing way for humans they were often rewarded with some kind of snack. This is why they keep waving at visitors.


The above-mentioned video is not the only one that has enjoyed a wide audience online. The adorable bears have been captured on video putting on their show several times. Their popularity has helped the farm resurface.


The place supports itself mainly from donations and visitors, but before the bears started to attract tourist massively with their online fame, they were striving to keep going. The Beebe family has that to thank these animals for.

It is important to remember that as lovely as these bears are, approaching a wild bear in any situation could be very dangerous. Bears are very strong and they can be very territorial, so it is always advised to keep some distance from them.

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