Meghan Markle's incredibly kind act towards little girl which almost no one noticed

The Duchess of Sussex had a gesture with a girl that made many people think of Princess Diana, as shown a video that has been shared in social media. People are praising her for being so down to earth.

37-year-old American-born Hollywood star-turned-British-royal Meghan Markle broke protocol once again during her and her husband Prince Harry’s recent visit to Belfast, Northern Ireland, as an Instagram video revealed.

In the clip, Markle is seen running in the rain after breaking away from her entourage to approach a little girl who was apparently shouting to her, wanting to meet her. The Duchess held the girl's hand and talked to her.

Her kindness towards her fans didn’t stop there, and she shook hands with many people from the crowd before continuing walking. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

The comments section of the post made by an Instagram account named harry_meghan_royals got filled with people celebrating Markle’s humble behavior, and the comparisons with late Princess Diana didn’t take long to surface

“Everybody loves her, just like Diana.”

-Olga Guerra, Instagram, 2018.

“I love Meghan, she is adorable, what a kind gesture, running [while it is] rainning [sic] and shaking hands to many people”, wrote @bandaconnie.

“These details show how people really is,” wrote @sugus_galici. “I hope she follows the steps of her mother in law” added @maria_carolina46, referring to the mother of Prince Harry, who died in a car accident in 1997.

Lady Di was famous for doing the same kind of out-of-protocol spontaneous acts. That is why she was known as “The People’s Princess.” She used to greet the people at hand and be accessible to them, at least for a brief exchange.

According to Soy Carmín, it is believed that this would be one of the reasons why Prince Harry fell in love with the former actress because in some details and ways she manages to see her mother reflected in her.

Despite the criticism that Markle has received for making mistakes in following royal protocol, it seems that this favors her more than Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William, due to the simplicity with which she carries herself at public events.

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