August 14, 2018

Dozens feared dead after highway bridge suddenly collapses in Genoa

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A fierce storm in Genoa, Italy, left devastation and death in its wake after a highway bridge collapsed into the stormy water. 

As reported by BBC, 11 people have lost their lives and the search for survivors continues. Eyewitnesses said that cars were falling more than 300 feet. 

Emergency responders described the scene as apocalyptic, and have thus far only rescued two survivors from their vehicles. They were taken to the hospital via helicopter. 

The story is still developing. Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa, and scroll down to the see the terrifying footage of the crumbling bridge



The collapsed section of the 50-year-old Morandi Bridge measured approximately 80 yards and crumbled around noon local time, or 6 am Eastern Time. 

The affected area on the A10 highway is a major thoroughfare, and heavy machinery will be used to remove large pieces of debris.

A section of the bridge landed on the rooftops of nearby houses, and gas lines in the area are a cause of concern as well. A child is said to be among the deceased. 


Rescue teams and canine units are currently scouring the area for survivors, and firefighters estimated that ten cars and trucks were on the bridge when it collapsed. 

A resident from Genoa, Giorgio Larosa, shared a video clip on Instagram that showed emergency responders rescuing one of the victims from a crushed vehicle. 


The cause of the collapse is yet to be determined, but an eyewitness told authorities that he saw lightning strike the bridge and that it crumbled shortly after that.  

The bridge, also known as the Polcevera Viaduct, was designed in the early sixties and completed in 1968 by civil engineer Riccardo Morandi. 

Back in March, six people died and many others were injured when the Miami's Florida International University bridge collapsed. 

The bridge was cracked, but officials claimed that it was not a cause for concern. However, the bridge collapsed while engineers were conducting a stress test.