Traci Braxton's grandchild melts hearts in photos with his mother and father

Traci Braxton became a “Dutchess” last May when her son, Kevin Jr. welcomed his first baby with girlfriend Olivia. The adorable boy is already stealing hearts all over social media in pics with his parents.

Kevin III, named as his father and grandfather, is a stunner that has been melting hearts all over social media after his parents shared some photos of him. The almost three-month-old baby seems to love cuddling with his parents and taking pictures.

Kevin Jr. recently shared a pic snuggling with the baby cheek to cheek. The little boy was rocking a red onesie and a pacifier as he looked into the camera like his dad. Olivia, on the other hand, also took to her Instagram to share a series of pics of the two loves of her life.

The beautiful mom posted an adorable slideshow of photos that feature her boyfriend and their baby to congratulate the man on Father’s Day. She also shared a sweet pic using some filters on her and the baby as he rested comfortably on her tummy.

“Mr. Kevin & Mommy,” she captioned the photo.

Fans of the Braxton family immediately took to her comment section to share their thoughts on the photo. One user wrote “He looks like his duchess and you,” another added “He is adorable cheeks made for kisses,” and even Traci commented saying “Look at my two babies.”

Last November, when Traci found out about Olivia’s pregnancy, her reaction was to smack her son. It turns out the young couple had known for a while they were expecting their first child but didn’t know how to break the news to the singer.

However, after the initial shock, Traci joined in the baby train and started to guide the couple in everything they needed to know about raising a baby. She even enrolled them on a “Baby Boot Camp,” after she realized they weren’t considering every little detail they needed to know.

The baby was born in May just in time to be the perfect Mother’s Day gift to the 46-year-old singer. At the time she posted an adorable video on Instagram holding little Kevin as she told the baby “you’re so handsome…so beautiful.”

Traci captioned the post:

“A moment I will never, EVER forget! A constant reminder that family is so important! So blessed and honored to be The Duchess of a beautiful and healthy baby boy!”


Unlike any other grandmother, Traci is not ready to be called “grandma, nana” or anything like that. Instead, the singer revealed in an interview with The Grio that she and her sisters have an agreement about having a royal-like nickname whenever they have a grandchild. She explained:

“[Kevin Jr.] made me a duchess and I’m ecstatic because now my parents, my sisters, and my brother…my grand-baby is making them a first generation of a great-grandchild.” [sic]

And continued:

“My sisters and I…when we were younger, we said if we ever have kids, and our kids have kids, our names would be Duchess.  That’s royalty, that's what they call the Queens when they have grandkids. So, I’m royalty.”


Traci and her husband, Kevin Surrant, have been together for 28 years. Despite having their ups and downs, is clear that they are an excellent example for Kevin Jr. and Olivia when it comes to leading a loving and supporting family.

The singer revealed to The Grio that her secret for such a long-lasting marriage is communication and keeping the flame alive.

“As long as you have love, anything can heal. Anything is possible,” she said. “I have a limit. We argue, we will say hurtful things, but we would come to each other and say, ‘I was wrong.'”

Braxton also added that despite being together for such a long time, she and Kevin are still “dating.”

“We go out every week, we go to our favorite restaurant, and we just sit there and talk and have conversations and just date each other. I have to make sure that, that spark is there. I gotta make sure the same way I got him, is the same way I gotta keep him and vice versa.”

Traci couldn’t be happier with her life, not only is she enjoying having a baby grandson, but she’s also getting ready to make her comeback into the music industry with her sophomore album.

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