Remember Elvin Tibideaux from 'The Cosby Show'? His life is very different now

Geoffrey Owens is better known for his role as Elvin Tibideaux, Sondra Huxtable's husband on NBC's sitcom, "The Cosby Show," but what many don't know is he's also passionate about sharing his knowledge with others and has been doing it for years.

Since "The Cosby Show" was canceled a good number of the cast stepped away from acting altogether. In Geoffrey's case, he wanted to inspire others by sharing all his knowledge to the next generation, so he decided that becoming a teacher would be the best way to do it.

Before taking a break from acting, Owens featured in films such as "The Paper," "Stonebrook" and "The Cross." He also did some light television work, appearing in series like "Law & Order" and "Built to Last." From 2002 to 2007, he stayed away from the spotlight. 

The now 57-year-old dedicated those years to act on theater, appearing in plays like "Julius Caesar" and a Broadway production of "Romeo & Juliet" where he shared the stage with Orlando Bloom.

He also took the time to pursue his other passion: education. On an interview with a blogger named Roman Anthony, Owens revealed:

"I still teach that private Shakespeare workshop. I also teach Shakespeare at Pace University and the Montclair Adult School.  I try to teach my students a sensitivity to and appreciation for language.  I try to make them understand that with classical drama, the text comes first; without it, you can't act"

Geoffrey studied English and Theater Studies at Yale University, and he revealed that his acting training "very literary and intellectual, involving a lot of textual analysis."  He later perfectioned his technique with I studied with the late actress/teacher Uta Hagen at her school, the Herbert Berghof Studio.

In 2007, Owens started to appear on TV again, taking small roles in series like "That's So Raven," "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," "Las Vegas," "The Secret Life of American Teenager," and "FlashForward."

As of 2015, he was still imparting his private course while splitting his time with acting jobs. He has appeared on "Elementary" this year, and according to his IMDB page, he has two upcoming projects for next year.

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