Morris Chestnut has a good reason for keeping his wife of 2 decades out of the public eye

Cynthia Rita
Aug 15, 2018
03:17 P.M.
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Popular actor Morris Chestnut chose to keep his wife, Pam Chestnut out of the public eye. After 23 years together, she is rarely seen in public, but she has started to share snippets of her life on social media.


The actor got married to Pam in 1995, and the couple has two kids together - a son named Grant and daughter Paige.

Ever since his appearance in his breakout role in the 1991 movie "Boyz N The Hood," Morris has gone on to become a superstar in the movie industry. Not only that, the 49-year-old has a reputation for stealing the hearts of women across the globe with his memorable roles.


Known for his longtime role as Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr. on the Fox television series "Rosewood," Chestnut has been married to only one woman all his life. A pretty impressive statistic if you put into consideration the extremely short lifespan of most celebrity marriages.

The actor married Pam Byse in 1995, and the two lovebirds have had a happy marriage devoid of any of the public disputes that often plague celebrity marriages.


In an interview with Vibe two years ago, Morris opened up about the secret of his long-lasting and comfortable marriage with Pam, and it comes down to mutual respect, communication, and understanding.

The actor revealed that he keeps his wife out of the spotlight because the more one’s personal business becomes public knowledge, the more the chances of being a victim of the short-lived Hollywood romance curse.


He added:

"We’ve been fortunate and blessed enough to grow together. Everyone is different at 28 than they were at 22 and everyone is different at 35 than they were at 28. You can either grow apart or grow together and we’ve been fortunate to grow together."

Chesnut also considers that most Hollywood marriages fail because people tend to make of the industry their entire lives and not just an aspect of it. "A lot of times people come in the industry, and they’re either up one minute then they’re down one minute. That type of instability on a number of levels is difficult for everyone," he explained.


And continued:

"Every marriage is going to unstable at times because you have to go through everything with someone. I’ve dealt with instabilities (ups and downs) in my career but it’s never been my life. It’s just been an aspect of my life."

These days, Pam has an Instagram account where she has posted some pictures with her husband, but the still refrain from making many appearances together.

The couple's youngest daughter, Paige, is now a model on the making with over 2k followers on her Instagram account.