Sneaky raccoon caught on camera stealing a guy's phone

A raccoon was captured on video stealing a college student's cell phone in Kentucky.

In a video shared by Guy Williams on YouTube, the raccoon can be seen sniffing its way towards the phone, which Williams placed on the ground to get close-ups of the mammal.

What Williams, 19, didn't expect is that the raccoon found some value in his phone. The animal takes it and speeds off.

Williams chases the mammal while the cell phone inadvertently records the entire ordeal.

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Raccoons are known for their rascal attitude. In one incident in New England, a man had to use a rake to try to scare a stubborn raccoon off his yard.

As for Williams' experience, the college student was lucky that the raccoon eventually dropped the phone minutes after picking it up with his teeth.

Williams, a student of Bellarmine University in Kentucky, spotted the raccoon on campus and decided to get a few closeups of the mammal.

He placed his phone on the grass, pressed record and used acorns to lure the animal into moving closer into the phone.

Losing interest in snacks, the raccoon snatched the phone instead and run off into the woods with it.

It dropped the phone eventually and Williams was able to track his gadget down by having someone call his own number.


The video of the encounter, which Williams posted on October 12, 2016, has been viewed more than 150,000 times.

Explaining the incident on Twitter, Williams said that he never harmed the raccoon, which he named Stanley, during the encounter.

"All these people in my mentions assuming I hurt the raccoon to get my phone back... simmer down lol. Dude just finally dropped it," he tweeted.

Raccoons are medium-sized mammals native to North America. They are common throughout North America from Canada to Panama.

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