Joseline Hernandez's daughter melts hearts with her 2 ponytails while speaking Spanish in video

Aug 15, 2018
10:40 P.M.
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The television personality and reality star is also a proud mother to a toddler, and often shares updates on the little girl to her social media accounts for fans to gush over. 


Joseline Hernandez's 20-month-old daughter, Bonnie Bella, is just too cute for words. The tot is Hernandez's daughter by record producer Steven Aaron Jordan, better known by his stage name, Stevie J. She was born at the end of December 2016. 

Hernandez and Jordan are no longer a couple, and were embroiled in a bitter custody dispute shortly after the little girl was welcomed to the world. 

Fortunately for Hernandez, she ended up being granted full custody of her daughter, and she picked up and moved to Miami, Florida, in an attempt to get away from all the drama in Atlanta. 


The mother-daughter duo seem much happier now, and Hernandez has been focusing on her musical career and her fitness business, and raising her precious baby girl. 

The tot has become near-Instagram famous as a result of all her mother's posts, but sadly some of them have drawn harsh criticism from followers. 

One in particular seemed to bring out the ugly side of people, when she shared a photo of Bonnie Bella in which it appeared her hair had been gelled flat. 


Another beautiful shot of Bonnie Bella saw the toddler wandering around a courtyard in a pink polka dot shirt, a pink cap, and what appeared to be a pink diaper. 

Her mother sat on a lounger behind her, and the pair were framed by a flourishing branch of pink flowers leaning over them from above. 


In a more recent short video, the reality television personality showed her little girl with a butterfly filter on her face, speaking Spanish to her mother. 

Bonnie Bella seemed to be leaning against her mother's shoulder as she looked into the camera, with Hernandez just slightly off camera as she chatted away to her daughter. 

The toddler had her hair done up in two high buns on top of her head, and was grinning a big toothy smile as she watched the digital yellow butterly flap its wings while sitting on her head. Her beautiful big dark eyes were sparkling as she watched it. 

In fact, she seemed somewhat less interested in talking to Hernandez than she did in the gentle insect!