Serena Williams reveals tennis career plans amid struggle with postpartum symptoms

It’s been a busy few months for Serena whose recent comeback in the court after having a child has become a source of inspiration to many who also know about her battle with postpartum depression. While she lost on all tournaments during her return, Serena reveals in her latest interview she’s “not done yet.” 

Serena Williams has big plans for her tennis career as she reveals in her latest interview with Time Magazine.

In the past year, Serena Williams experienced major changes in her life, the biggest of which was becoming a mother. And due to the demands of her new role, her tennis career took a backseat. Five months ago, after taking a hiatus from the sport to focus on her pregnancy and her difficult delivery, the tennis superstar returned to the court and showed the world she could be both a competitive athlete and a mother. 

Serena didn’t bag titles in her recent comeback. She lost to Johanna Konta after the first round in the Silicon Valley Classic. She came in second to Angelique Kerber at the 2018 Wimbledon Final. She lost in the second round to Petra Kvitova at the Western and Southern Open in Cincinnati. But she knew upon entering the competitions she wasn’t out to win but to play for all the mothers, who like her, have to balance their careers with motherhood. 

After she lost at Wimbledon, Serena revealed she dedicated her comeback to all mothers while revealing her struggle with postpartum depression.

“I dedicated that to all the moms out there who’ve been through a lot. Some days, I cry. I’m really sad. I’ve had meltdowns. It’s been a really tough 11 months. If I can do it, you guys can do it too.”

Despite her bouts of depression brought about by her struggle to be there for her two passions in life – her daughter and her sport, Serena reveals in her latest interview with Time Magazine that she’s learning to strike a balance.

“I still have to learn a balance of being there for her  [Alexis Olympia], and being there for me. I’m working on it. I never understood women before, when they put themselves in second or third place. And it’s so easy to do. It’s so easy to do.”

And as much as many would expect her to retire from tennis soon, Serena declares,

“I’m not done yet, simple,” and adds,

“My story doesn’t end there.”

Serena still has big plans for her tennis career. She’s just one Grand Slam Championship away from Margaret Court’s record of 24 and she’s not only aiming to match it but to exceed it. And her first stop is the US Open this month. It’s not going to be a walk in the park with Kerber, Simona Halep, Caroline Wozniacki and Maria Sharapova to contend with but Serena, as we all know by now, is capable of anything. 

Serena’s daughter, Olympia, will be turning one next month. It’s been almost a year since the tennis superstar nearly lost her life giving birth to her child after she suffered from pulmonary embolism hours after Olympia’s birth. It’s hard to believe that after what she’s been through, Serena has been back in action for months, while devoted to her baby. She truly is a source of inspiration. 

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