Cockatoo performs hilarious reaction on his owner's "disappearance"

This viral challenge was started with dogs, but other pets also joined. This exotic bird had one of the funniest reactions to her owner’s disappearing trick.

It is known as the #WhatTheFluffChallenge, and those who take part in it try to cause the most hilarious behavior to their pets after tricking them into believing they have vanished in front of their eyes.

The trick is pretty simple: the pet owner-turned-magician hides under a piece a blanket and rapidly goes away giving the impression that he or she has dematerialized behind it. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.

As simple as it might sound –and look- to a human, the animals always end up baffled and their reactions are so fun to watch that it has become one of the most recent internet crazes.

After seeing many cats and dogs reacting to their owner’s disappearances, Georgiana Iacomi decided to put her cockatoo, named Angel, to test, and she got behind the camera as a man played the trick for the animal.

The cockatoo’s reaction is priceless. First, she freezes, then she starts looking for the man and when she doesn’t find it, she starts screaming nonstop and jumping around visibly confused about what just happened.

Iacomi took to her Facebook account to share the adorable footage, and it has received 92.000 reactions, 92.000 comments, and 428.000 shares. Apart from that, the video has been reposted on other platforms.

“Well, you definitely can tell that the bird cares about its owner,” wrote Youtube user “Shaftoe.”A Twitter account that shares animal videos, called “Nature is Amazing,” called Angel the cockatoo’s performance “the best reaction to the What The Fluff challenge.”

This challenge has been done by thousands of people around the world. For instance, Cuteness shared the video of a dog that also had an epic reaction to the trick.

According to Know Your Meme, the game got started in Tumblr, but it was only when Instagram user “siberianhusky_jax” posted her version on June 17, 2018, when it got its name and started spreading.

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