August 18, 2018

11-month-old boy suffers stroke after being infected with chicken pox by unvaccinated siblings

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An eleven-month-old baby suffered a stroke when exposed to a disease contracted by his older brother for not having been vaccinated.

As reported by The Journal of Pediatrics, the medical community is alerting parents to comply with their children's immunization schedules as they could affect other people around them with a delicate immune system such as infants and the elderly.

The mother of two small children was in the difficult situation of having to take her 11-month-old baby to emergency after noticing some strange symptoms in the little one. When the doctors checked the baby they realized that he had had a stroke at his young age.


The stroke was caused by a complication related to chickenpox, although the disease is easily preventable with a simple vaccine is necessary to be at least one-year-old to be able to be vaccinated.

The baby would not have been exposed to the virus if his older brother was vaccinated, he contracted the disease a few months before affecting his little brother. Although many people believe that chickenpox is a harmless disease, it can have serious consequences.


Some ways in which this disease can affect long-term health can include paralysis and seizures, as well as certain types of very painful skin infections or even meningitis.

Although there are certain risks related to vaccines, these are minimal compared to the thousands of risks that result from the decision not to vaccinate children at the appropriate time.


It is important that the population is aware that the decision to vaccinate their children does not only affect that family, but it also becomes a risk factor for the rest of the community in which that family develops.

Another important consequence of not vaccinating children is that when they grow up they will be unprotected from a long list of diseases that could affect them. A pediatrician in Colorado made quite clear the heartbreaking consequences that such a decision can have on the lives of our children.


The doctor decided to put a poster in the waiting room of his office in the hope of giving a clear message to his patients, one of them took a picture of the ad and decided to post it on Facebook, the message is so forceful that it quickly went viral.

We hope that after reading this article there is no doubt about what position to take before vaccines of your children, be aware and do it on time.