Man finds hole in driveway and accidentally discovers a hidden place

Aug 21, 2018
01:55 P.M.
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When Simon Marks parked his car on his driveway and had somehow made a hole, he thought he just drove onto a flowerbed. As it turned out, it was an air raid shelter.


Marks had the wheel of his black Vauxhall Zafira stuck on the hole that was just outside his home. Upon further investigation, he found out that part of his driveway had caved in.

Soon enough, he discovered that beside his four-room home and under his driveway in Bedfordshire, England, was a secret two-room shelter.

Mark, a computer support worker, said he first thought it was a sinkhole and feared that his hole home was going to vanish.

Source: YouTube


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Eventually, Marks decided to start moving some of the slabs out of the way, and a ladder was revealed.

Using a selfie stick, he inspected the underground shelter and saw two rooms.

He went on to contact his father, and he was told that it was an air raid shelter.

Source: YouTube




to Express UK, "We googled it and found there are quite a few in this area. It is made from concrete lintels and is in immaculate condition."

The shelter, which Marks believed was 10-ft deep, could have been built after a German bomb landed in an area near his home during the war.

According to Marks, the first room was 7ft by 4ft and the second one was 4 1/2ft by 10ft.

The house, which Marks purchased in 2014 from an old couple, was built during the 1970’s.

"The previous owner must have known it was there and when he built the house and put a garden in he must have filled it in. I think it's great and I want to clear it out and preserve it if it's structurally sound,” said Marks.


He added that he was amazed that the entire shelter was built by hand and acknowledged that the shelter is a part of our history, which made him decide that it should be kept.

Inside the shelter, Mark and his father had to spend days digging out the mud that covered everything. While digging, they found various other things like glass bottles and old newspapers.

When asked what his plans were after they finish excavating the shelter, Marks simply answered that he was going to turn it into an “ultimate man cave.”