White medical doctor yells he's being treated like 'a black person' in brutal arrest video

A Florida doctor named Jeffrey Epstein was arrested at Orlando International Airport for behaving erratically. Epstein said the incident, which went viral, was done on purpose. 

Wesh news reports that 59-year-old Epstein caused a disturbance at the American Airlines ticket counter Thursday morning just before 6 a.m. Airline staff called police officers to handle it.

The video starts soon after the police arrive. Police point out that Epstein is frothing at the mouth. Epstein, yelling, eventually gave them the option to "come arrest [him]" or give him a flight. 

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The three officers immediately moved in on Epstein and attempted to handcuff him. They took him down.

On the ground, Epstein braced his arms to his chest, which prevented the officers from a successful arrest. 

During the struggle, after Epstein called for the officers to stop being "rough with him," he shouted: 

"You're treating me like a [expletive] black person."

Epstein, a medical doctor based in Lakeland, is subsequently pepper sprayed and arrested. 

He is taken to a hospital after complaining of chest pains. Wesh reports that the affidavit said Epstein told officers he "created a very big disturbance and I did it on purpose" while en route to the hospital. 

He was later taken into custody at the Orange County Jail after he refused to talk to the doctor.

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Wesh interviewed Epstein outside the jail where he was released on bond. The reporter asked him about the racial comment he made during the incident. 

Epstein said he was "making a point." He explained:

"If you're gonna do this to a white doctor who's 59 years old for doing nothing, then why should black people trust you?" 

Wesh also reports that Epstein said he is a conservative Republican, but the police need to "fix this problem" and until then cannot blame black people for being upset at getting arrested. 

He also wanted to teach the airline about customer service. 

According to Epstein, large companies should take care of their customers and cops should learn to "de-escalate, not escalate."

Epstein is being charged for battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, and trespassing. 

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