Teyana Taylor dangerously falls from stage during NYC performance

Fans are so used to seeing Teyana Taylor slay every performance she does, that it came as such a shock when she surprisingly took a nasty fall as she stumbled off the stage. 

The dangerous fall happened at the PlayStation Theater in New York City, where she was performing her set in her newly improved tour, which was previously called the "Later That Night" tour with Jeremi. 

As Teyana is doing what she does best, she slips and falls off the stage. Video footage of the incident shows her left foot losing grip of the stage, and she took an awkward fall off of her high stage. However, Teyana quickly brushes this off and gets up as if nothing ever happened. 

While it is unclear whether or not her NBA star husband Iman Shumpert was in the crowd during her tumble, he made sure to share his support for his wife last week when she had a feud with her tour's former headliner, Jeremih. 

Last week, Taylor ultimately decided to quit being on tour with Jeremih, after she claimed that she was not being treated fairly on the tour. She even went so far as to say that for someone who brings in almost 80% of the crowd, she definitely isn't being given the treatment that she deserves. 

Clearly still agitated about how everything had turned out, the singer made sure to call out Jeremih on Twitter, calling him a bunch of names. She even shares what she feels actually goes on in their shows, which is that 80% of those who come and watch are actually her fans. After working hard day and night, Teyana says that their headliner has done nothing but act like a diva the entire time. 

When Jeremih came after the "GOOD Music" songstress, however, something about his response made Iman Shumpert angry. The singer decided to use her "Keep The Same Energy" abbreviation while posting a video of Lil Duval's single called "Smile", where he sings "I'm living my best life. I ain't going back and forth with you [expletives]". 

Taylor's husband was disappointed by how he responded, replying: "If this is a threat you send it my way". 

Overall, her departure from the tour has ended up pretty well for the singer, as she ended up carrying on with the rest of the tour without her headliner after Jeremih dropped out of it as well. 

Now, she picked up where she left off and is continuing to stun fans with her talent every night. 

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