Woman waves to 300-pound bear from car and the animal's response goes viral

While a 300-pound brown bear might not be the most friendly of creatures, a woman recently proved that they can comprehend human acts, too. 

A video uploaded to YouTube by a user named "homefry81" has gone viral after a brown bear at the Olympic Game Farm in Washington was caught waiving at a visitor on the farm. It has since then garnered a total of 19 million views.

The clip begins with a woman looking outside her window at the farm while being recorded by her companion. Outside the window, the beautiful stretch of the Olympic Game Farm could be seen.  However, something one can spot right away was a lonely brown bear, who was sitting alone calmly, seems to be able to comprehend what the human was doing.

Due to the metal fence that separated the wildlife from the vehicle, the bear could not get any closer to the visitors, but it made sure to let them know that he was there. While some wild animals might feel threatened after having humans this close to them, this particular 300-pound creature seems to be used to having humans around as he did not flinch at all. 

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Just like any other eager tourist, the woman then does something that garnered a response from the gentle giant. After seeing that the bear was observing them, she raises her hand and waves at it. Of course, any person would expect the bear to go about its business and ignore the wave, but the animal does something that amazes the couple in the car. 

The bear seemed to have understood the gesture and raises one of its huge paws to wave back at the woman, copying her same movements. 

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Shocked by how the bear was able to respond to her wave, the woman and her companion burst out laughing as they were amazed by what had just happened. What made the adorable exchange even more entertaining was that the bear did not just simply move its paw, but he completely mimicked what the woman had done and waved energetically like how someone might greet a close friend. 

Although bears can be scary creatures to come across in the woods, some of them have been frequenting human habitats which have made it hard not to admire them. 

Recently, another family encountered a family of bears in their backyard, playing with the inflatable pool that they put up. Most likely thinking that it was a mini lake, the family was not only visited by one bear but six. A mother bear could be seen enjoying the water with her cubs, as they waded and took a dip in the pool. 

The family watched in amusement as the bears enjoyed their bath time, even enjoying the swing and slide perched on the yard. They continued to watch until police came to send the cute bears back into the forest near the house. 

While bears are not always as friendly as how they seem to be, they are gentle giants if left unprovoked and unharmed. Instances such as these remind us humans that although they are dangerous creatures, they should not be harmed and can be dealt with in peaceful ways wherein they get to go on with their lives without having to be put to danger. 

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