I walked in on a scene at my son's graduation party that makes me think he is gay.

Manuela Cardiga
Aug 31, 2018
02:06 P.M.

The following letter has been edited for clarity and coherence.


Dear AmoMama,

My 18-year-old son just graduated from high school, and to celebrate my husband and I threw open our house and invited the graduating class to a party.

He was so happy! He is our only child and has been a blessing in every way. We can honestly say he hasn't given us a spot of trouble.

Where other boys his age meddle in drugs and drink and rebellious behavior, our boy has always been sensible, an avid sportsman and a brilliant student.

He sounds a bit like a nerd, I suppose, but he isn't. He is popular and has lots of friends.

Anyway, the thing is, halfway through the party, I went upstairs to fetch the charger for my camera and when I walked into my bedroom I saw that my walk-in closet light was on.

I went in and saw my son and his best friend. My usually abstemious son was drunk, and the boys were wearing two of my evening gowns and were applying makeup.

They were doing it so skillfully that I knew it wasn't the first time. I backed out before they saw me, but I can't get that image out of my mind.


Later they came downstairs dressed normally. It was like nothing had happened. I want to talk to him about it, but I am so afraid. Is he gay? Transexual? A crossdresser?

I can't imagine how isolated he must feel if he has to hide such a secret from us. What should I do? Tell him what I saw and ask him outright? Wait for him to come to me however long it may take? Please give me some advice.

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