Dog hailed a hero after saving her family from mortal danger

Dory the St. Bernard saved the lives of her family members by alerting them to a gas leak in the house.

A video report from KOCO 5 News was uploaded to YouTube, detailing the manner in which the clever dog warned its owners of the lethal situation.

The 160-pound dog sprang into action, suddenly alert, at 2 am in the morning sensing the danger. She started acting unlike herself, whining and pacing the room.

Once she got the family’s attention, Dory simply refused to let them go back to sleep. She wouldn’t stay calm and her restlessness even got the cats meowing.

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Source: YouTube/KOCO 5 News

Source: YouTube/KOCO 5 News

Her owner, Jack, then sensed the message that Dory was trying to convey. That’s when he noticed the grave danger that their family was in.

He discovered the smell of gas and followed it into the kitchen to find out that their burner was set on low, which filled the entire house with natural gas.

Source: YouTube/KOCO 5 News

Source: YouTube/KOCO 5 News

Jack turned off the burner and immediately called 911. The firefighters arrived to neutralize the danger and told Jack that his house could have blown had the threat not been noticed sooner.

The credit for it, of course, goes to Dory. Jack admitted that he was now going to reward Dory with a big steak for her heroic act.

Pets have time and again proved to us just how loyal and devoted they can be. In a similar story, two Labradoodles named Adam and Eva saved a woman from freezing.

The dogs, who reportedly had never woken up their owners during the night, suddenly behaved strangely, one of them even tugging at their clothes and pulling them toward the door.

When the owner peeked outside through the door, he saw a senior woman dressed only in a nightgown lying in the snow.

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