Ice cream puppies is the disturbing yet delicious trend that has the internet freaking out

The internet is in a frenzy after finding out about the new trend of ice cream puppies. These are life-like ice cream treats that take 5 hours to make.

People can’t decide whether the new treat is cute or just delicious looking. However, the company that makes them is raking in the money with their new dessert.

The J. C. Co Art Kitchen, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan creates their masterpieces by filling special moulds with a unique mixture. The mould freezes at -22 deg C and creates a hairy-looking texture.

Then each ice cream puppy has a staff member who applies the finishing touches and serves them to customers. Each treat takes around 5 hours to make.

For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. The lifelike ice cream puppies bear striking resemblances to pugs, Labradors and Shar Peis.

The dessert is only available in three flavors. These are earl-grey or Labradors, chocolate or pugs, and peanut or Shar Peis.

The ice cream costs between $110 and $188 Taiwanese dollars, or around $3.50 and $6. Since the dessert has gone viral Thanks to viral representatives for the restaurant have claimed they’re having trouble keeping up with demand for the treats.

The restaurant can, however, only make about 100 per day. One customer said they had mixed emotions about the dog-shaped treat, and even felt “sorry for him”

"It is as if a dog is lying here and I feel like cutting into him will hurt him,” the patron said. Social media users have been going back and forth trying to decide whether the ice cream should be eaten or taken home and kept safely in the refrigerator.

Despite the mixed responses on social media, lifelike doggie desserts appear to be growing into a trend. A café on the other side of Taiwan, in Yilan, is now serving up similar frozen doggie desserts.

Many customers have shown up at J. C. Co Art Kitchen after it began the dog-inspired gelato creations about a month ago. The founders are Nelson Liang and Cathy Chung.

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