Brandy flaunts fuller curves in tight black dress after her recent weight gain

Brandy Norwood has been rocking a fuller figure for the last months, and she’s proud and confident in her new body. Fans have been speculating she’s pregnant for weeks, even though she slammed the rumors earlier this year.

The singer is enjoying her new curves as she poses confidently in tight outfits in some of her recent social media posts. Her last Instagram pic has fans swooning over her body, her clothes, and her hairstyle.

In the pic, Brandy is standing in front of a mirror, probably in the middle of an outfit test, as she rocks a body-hugging tight black dress with long sleeves and a pair of black stilettos that add more height to her frame, making her toned legs longer.

Coking her hip to the side, Brandy is also sporting a big afro that framed her beautiful features perfectly, as she opted for a make-up free face.

Her fans immediately took to her comment section to share their thoughts on the picture. One user wrote “STUNNING!!!! Yes, Ms. Brandy!!!!!! DIVA!!!! In a good way!!!,” another added, “Looking are your Mother's twin!,” and a third one said, “Like this hair better than the braids @4everbrandy.”


The 39-year-old beauty sparked rumors about a pregnancy earlier this year when people noticed she had gained some weight and was looking thicker than usual. However, Brandy has addressed the rumors in two different occasions, but some people still believe she’s hiding a baby bump.

Norwood posted an Instagram video back in October when the rumors started and captioned it:

“#vocalsandsoul are all that matter here... close your eyes if you think I’m pregnant. (As long as y’all been saying it, the baby would have been born and at least 1 by now) #thickerthanasnicker I love it.”

Earlier this year, she interviewed with TrueExclusives and explaining the real reason behind her weight gain. The mother one revealed she went on a “foodcation,” meaning, she stopped making diets for the first time in years to indulge in the pleasure of food.

She said:

“I went on a foodcation because I’d been eating clean for seven something odd years, in the gym, every day, playing tennis. I was like, ‘Yo; I’m tired of this crazy discipline. I need something to eat! I want some pasta! I want some pizza! I want some cake! I want something other than salmon, broccoli and asparagus, and water! Every day!”

At the time, Brandy explained that she was ready to drop some of the weight she had gained but revealed that she’s not going back to the “skinny Brandy.”

“I didn’t have any boobs, and I don’t have the butt I have now. I want to keep some of that. I just want a flat stomach, and that’s it. Because I don’t want to be looking pregnant if I’m not,” she stated.

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