Dramatic moment police officer rescues 3-year-old girl from hot car

Seminole County Deputy Bill Dunn saved a toddler who had been trapped inside a hot car overnight.

In the dramatic footage from the scene, the heroic policeman can be seen rescuing the three-year-old girl on June 17, 2018.

He rushed the young girl to his patrol car and then raced her to a local hospital.

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According to officials, the toddler was left in the vehicle when her mother Casey Dyan Keller, 33, went to a liquor store with three children the day before.

However, when they returned home, Keller forgot to take her daughter out of the car.

The girl was left in the vehicle for 12 hours where temperatures can top 33C during the day.

As soon as Keller realized that her daughter was not in their home, she immediately called 911 to report the car missing with her child inside.

When Officer Dunn discovered the girl inside the vehicle, he initially thought she was dead.

"Sadly, I didn’t think she was alive when I got to her. I felt for a pulse, I didn’t feel a pulse," Dunn told Fox 13. "I felt for a pulse. I didn’t feel a pulse."

"Once the cold air hit her, that’s when I started noticing her eyes kind of fluttering."

Dunn took the girl to the hospital, where he waited for hours to find out if she would be all right.

In the video, the officer can be heard saying: "It’s OK, baby. Talk to me! You’re OK."

Luckily, the little girl survived. She stayed for three days in the hospital. After her release, she met up with Dunn.

Her mother Keller was arrested and faces child neglect charges. She is being held in the John E Polk Correctional Facility on $15,000 bail.

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