Meghan Markle’s best friend has royal wedding deja vu thanks to her 8-year-old son

Meghan Markle's best friend, Jessica Mulroney, didn’t have an official role at the royal wedding, but she certainly played a significant part in the big day.

She helped fix the bride's train and veil as Meghan headed out of the chapel and she also took care of three members of the wedding party. The reason is that they are her children.

As Inquistr reported, Mulroney's four-year-old daughter Ivy was a bridesmaid on the royal wedding and her two sons, Brian and John, were page boys, so they also walked down the aisle with the Duchess of Sussex.

Of course, after such a special day Mulroney could barely contain her emotions and shortly after the ceremony, she posted her initial reaction to the day: "Proud friend. Proud mom," she captioned a photo of her two boys holding Meghan's veil before she went into the church.

The picture Mulroney’s boys became an icon thanks to Brian’s toothless wide smile that showed how excited the boy was that day, just like everyone else who went crazy over the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

And since no one has stopped talking the wedding yet, Mulroney became nostalgic over the weekend about a picture she shared on her social media where Brian is sporting the same grin he had on the May 19 on his face.

On the new sweet picture, Mom Mulroney and her three children appear wearing summer white clothes while holding hands looking like a perfectly loving family. Please follow us on our Twitter account to learn more.

The proud mom instantly noticed that Brian put the same expression as the one from the royal wedding and decided to caption the photo with “That face Brian is making reminds me …” and of course we can all remember from when is that big smile.

Mulroney is not only a great friend to Meghan but she is also one of those responsible for her impeccable style. She usually advises her when attending important events and here you can see one of the tricks that both Meghan and Kate always have in mind when choosing their clothes.

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