Little boy has emotional crisis over animals dying and people wrecking the planet (video)

Little Henry Marr couldn't help but cry as he lamented the state of the environment.

His mother filmed the six-year-old as he condemned environmental degradation and criticized people who litter.

“The planet is just going to be wrecked. People are just being rude to it. They throw trash on the ground. They cut down trees. They make forests into ... roads,” he cried as he sat in his car seat.

“They are just being so bad. I could just call them dumb people or maybe even a bad word, the ‘S’ word,” he tearfully continued.

Letting it all out to mom

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Henry's outburst came after watching a video in school of a bird eating trash.

It made him deeply concerned about people's actions toward Mother Nature. He let his emotions out when his mother picked him up from the school later that day.

At his age, Henry knew what people should be doing to save the environment.

“They need to think about what they are doing and what they are doing to the planet and what they are doing to animals,” he said.

The little environmentalist has been doing his part by patrolling Little Mountain Park near his home in Mount Vernon, Washington, for trash.

A Facebook page, titled "Henry the Emotional Environmentalist", has also been launched so he can have a bigger platform for his cause.

Climate change is real

Henry is just one of the many people, including scientists, who are alarmed by climate change caused by environmental degradation.

According to NASA, the Earth's climate has changed throughout history. Ninety-seven percent of climate scientists agree that climate-warming trends over the past century are very likely due to human activities.

Most of the leading scientific organizations worldwide have issued public statements endorsing this position.

The planet's average surface temperarure has risen about 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit or 0.9 degrees Celsius since the late 19th century. Scientists believe that this change is driven largely by increased carbon dioxide and other human-made emissions into the atmosphere.

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