Father writes hilarious CV for his daughter detailing her 'skills'

Lauren Moore is a Redcar, North Yorkshire, student whose father took the liberty of creating a résumé for her. However, the parent chose to be brutally honest in the document.

He chose to describe his daughter accurately instead of making her seem like a good catch for any company. Moore shared the funny CV on Twitter and people couldn’t stop laughing.

Lauren Moore, 16, is a GCSE pupil at Rye Hills School. Her father created a résumé that left her captioning it on Twitter, “Remind me not to let my dad do my CV for me.”

The funny document details her skills as “not listening” and “browsing Facebook.” It’s one of the most honest résumés ever written by a parent.

For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. Her father also described her, in a much more expletive way, as being good at getting on his nerves and messing everything up.

He also noted that she was great at “losing all documentation.” The parent appeared to be intent on berating his child instead of putting her in a good light.

Moore, who lives in a $193,000 three-bedroom semi-detached house, was also said to have the “skills and personal qualities” of being “lazy” and “late.”

Her father further described her as “reluctant,” “ignorant,” and “rude.” He stated that she hated people and didn't do mornings. 

Her one and only reference was listed as a probation officer who was called Ben Dover. However, it was also advised to not contact him because he couldn’t be bothered just like the applicant.

Moore’s friends on Twitter found the CV hilarious and commended her father on the stellar work. One interesting thing about the résumé was that Moore didn’t appear to be denying any of her father’s descriptions.

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