Video compilation shows dads' funny babysitting techniques

May 22, 2018
07:05 A.M.
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Fathers can also babysit, though their techniques could be strange and funny.


In the video shared on Facebook by NTD Funniest, some fathers are out to prove that babysitting can is easy, through their questionable ways.

The 1.44-minute video starts with a father-son duo lying next to each other. The two seem to move their heads from left to right in a synchronized manner.

This is followed by a father who wants to play. Unfortunately, he does not have a toy gun, hence he arms himself with the baby. With the make-believe gun, he hunts inside the house.

There are many who remember some of the funniest scenes from Scooby-Doo where the main character and monsters are in hot pursuit and keep popping up on different sides of the screen as the latter chases the former.


In the clip, a baby is on the father’s trail as the man tries to escape.

The next clip is a re-creation of the iconic scene from Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible. A baby is on a mission to retrieve a ball from the ground with the father holding him by his t-shirt.


In another clip, a father takes his daughter in a baby stroller for a walk outside. Nothing strange about it? Well, he is on a hoverboard! Talk about spicing it up a notch.

Then there is the father-son duo enjoying some music while in the car as the baby emulates the father’s every expression.

A fitness-conscious father and daughter duo is seen doing pushups. The little one’s methods are quite adorable.

Another father and child seem to be inclined towards sports. The little one hits balls the father gives in quick succession with a small bat.

Babies are the best imitators, a fact that is proved multiple times in the video. The little ones emulate what their fathers do to perfection.

One baby wants his father to lift him by his stomach. He cries when he is held on his lap but is quiet when he lifted by his stomach.

There is also a father who tries to stop his baby from crying by rocking the cradle. However, he seems to be tired and cannot get himself out of the bed. He is unaware of the fact that the baby is not in the cradle at all.