Girl with heart failure meets her favorite artist after doing viral 'kiki challenge'

Sofia Sanchez got a very special 11th birthday present

Sofia Sanchez didn't have a birthday party with her friends like other little girls, she was in the hospital, waiting for surgery.

The 11-year-old is at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago waiting for a heart transplant, and a week ago she posted a video of herself on Youtube doing the “The KiKi Challenge” in the hospital hallway with her cousin.

Sofia was tethered to a portable IV pump, but she showed off some smooth moves, and she invited her favorite singer, Drake, for a visit on her birthday on August 21. 

Anyone wondering why Drake, whose song hit song “In My Feelings” inspired the popular “Kiki Challenge,” wasn't in New York City for the annual  MTV Video Music Awards, would be happy to know he was at Sofia's hospital, giving her the surprise of her life.

Drake was in Chicago to perform in several concerts, and he took the opportunity to help Sofia celebrate her special day.

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In a video clip posted by the hospital on Youtube, Drake walks into Sofia's room, saying:

“You asked me to come, and I’m here.”

Sofia was speechless, then asked: "Is this real?" Drake had a huge smile on his face, and Sofia just glowed.

Her doctor said the rapper's visit was a gift greater than he could imagine. He had transformed a very sick little girl waiting for a heart into a happy fan talking to her idol, and forgetting about her illness for a little while.

Sofia and Drake discovered a common passion for Justin Bieber, basketball and Drake’s two dogs.

They took selfies and Sofia asked Drake to sing her favorite song, “God’s Plan.” 

Drake posted images of his visit to Sofia on his Instagram account and captioned it: “Me and my love Sofia talking about Bieber and Owls and Basketball.”

Sofia said that meeting Drake on such a special day “was a miracle” and the “best birthday gift ever.”

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