August 24, 2018

Police officers take 'Footloose' dance challenge to a whole new level

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Amid police departments across the country taking part in the lip-sync challenge that is trending on the internet, officers from the Nixa Police Department in Missouri surprised everyone with their performance.

A video uploaded to Facebook by the official page of Nixa Police Department showed the spirited police officers dancing and grooving to the energetic beats of the iconic song, Footloose, by Kenny Loggins.

Their rendition of the famous song involved several law enforcement officers dancing away in their own unique way at various places including the streets, police department, restaurants, donut shops, and even in front of parked police cars.


However, rather than making their video an all-police dance routine, they featured residents of the community – everyone, young and old – dancing alongside the police officers.

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The officers not only showcased their amazing dance moves but also presented a perfect display of lip-syncing to the lyrics of the song.


The contagious video has been welcomed by the internet. So far, it has been viewed more than 2.3 million times and has been liked by more than 31,000 users. It has been shared over 57,000 times as of yet.


In the caption to the video uploaded on Facebook, Nixa Police Department thanks every member of the Nixa community who came out to dance with the team.

Meanwhile, a report from A Post suggested that the filming quality of the video that the department made was so high because one of the police officers had taken training in film production. He was involved in the shooting of the video which gave it its professional quality

Source: YouTube/CityofNixa


There are many instances when the police officers show their individuality and prove to us, time and again, that behind all that uniform, they are also common, everyday man.

In another instance, a police officer from Alabama, Casey Chumney, showed a different side to his personality by performing an impromptu dance-off with a five-year-old girl, Armani.

The girl for whom the officer dance later told that he made her feel that ‘all police officers are not bad.’