Man who jumped off bridge fined for being intoxicated

Lee Campbell leaped recklessly off a 40 ft bridge into the Weymouth Harbour during half-time of an England World Cup Game. He was subsequently arrested and charged.

Daily Mail reported that the British tombstoner was intoxicated when he decided to climb the Weymouth Harbour bridge during the England vs Panama game. His team, Three Lions, was being beaten by Gareth Southgate's side, who were up 5-0.

At the top, Campbell ignored warnings from the crowd including from a security guard who was amidst the collection of people witnessing and recording the daring act.

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Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

The incident which occurred in late June 2018, happened in Dorset while the bridge was up. 

Campbell took the plunge, bracing his body in such a way that a "tombstoner" would as he entered the waters. Police later found him on a nearby pontoon, unharmed and inebriated.

They arrested him on charges of drunkenness and disorderly behavior in a public place.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

The next day, Campbell went to court and plead guilty. He was handed a £120 fine and released from jail. His defense attorney, Lee Christmas, said his client had acted out of "exuberance."

Magistrates also gave an order that Campbell pays £30 victim surcharges, but avoided charging costs in consideration of the time he had been in custody.

Amy Frost, who shot the viral video, said that Campbell was lucky he was not hurt. The Maritime and Coastguard Agency also decided to warn the public about jumping into water from tall heights. 

Source: YouTube

They said:

"It is also worth reminding people that the sea and alcohol do not mix."

Admittedly, many things do not mix with alcohol. Blake Shelton also showed his fans how true that was when he fell on stage during an Oregan performance back in July. He unashamedly asked fans to share the video right after.

T.I wasn't so lucky in his drunken escapades when he got into an altercation with a security guard in May 2018. The rapper was slapped with three misdemeanor charges.

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