Man barely escapes with his life as building collapses on top of him (video)

Aug 22, 2018
05:43 P.M.

The man was watching the building being demolished when he realized he had found a viewing spot just a little too close to the action.


Video footage of the unidentified man is believed to have been filmed in a small Chinese village. He had perched himself on a semi-destroyed wall to watch the demonlition of a nearby building.

That piece of wall he sat on was surrounded by the rubble of other destroyed buildings in the area, but he looked relaxed as he sat among the broken bricks and cement.

That is, until he noticed something rather important happening on the building he was watching.


When the building's first floor support column was destroyed, the entire side of the building appeared to break away from the larger part still standing. When it began to fall, the man realized to his horror that the falling section of the wall was heading right for him.

Left with no other option, the man quickly scrambled to his feet and ran for it across the rubble-strewn ground, trying desperately to get away from the falling debris as he headed further away from the wall coming down.

As the brick and mortar falls, it lands smack on the wall he had been sitting on just moments before. When the piles of rubble already on the ground, an enormous cloud of dust rises up in its wake.


In his panic to get away from the tons of falling materials, the man trips over some debris, but is fortunately out of the line of fire by the time he does.

It's a narrow escape that he certainly won't forget this experience in a hurry, and will likely steer clear of demolition sites in the future.

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