Man takes accidental picture of couple getting engaged and asks internet to help find them

Col Stinson was marveling at the beautiful sunset over the Aegen Sea and reached for his camera to capture the scenery. 

He unwittingly took a photo of a couple at precisely the right time. The picture shows a woman standing on a cliff with her partner on his knees in front of her. 

Stinson realized how crucial it was to capture such a magical moment, but he didn't know who the mystery couple was or how to get in touch with them. 

Follow our Twitter account @amomama_usa for similar stories. The gorgeous photo can be seen below.  

Out of ideas, he shared the photo on his Twitter account with the caption: 

"Watching the sunset in Santorini last night and captured this but wasn’t able to get the picture to the couple, so Twitter do your thing."

Since posting it back in July, the story has gone viral and his tweet was liked more than 22,000 times with a retweet total of 13,000. 

While the lovestruck couple hasn't reached out to him yet, the beautiful photo is wowing netizens from all over the world. 

Leanne, a Twitter user, said it was a "gorgeous picture, I hope it gets to them," while Bobbi said she dreams of being proposed to in that manner. 

Another user said the picture is "pure inspiration," while a user known as Mya hoped Stinston finds them. She added: "Oh my gosh that's so beautiful!"

Rachel said she, like most women, would hang that picture as a "huge canvas in my house if it was me." 

Eagle-eyed Belinda Scammel suggested the girl in the photo might be Greek because she is "holding out her right hand, not her left."

There were also other guesses among netizens, and one user pointed out: "Polish too have their wedding finger on the right."

In other news, a jeweler told a bride-to-be that her $130 engagement ring was "pathetic," implying that her husband didn't care enough to purchase an expensive ring. 

The young women had the perfect answer ready for the snide saleslady, read more about it here

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