Fearless biker without shirt or helmet caught on video steering motorcycle with his feet

Topless motorcycle rider video goes viral on the Internet

Rashand Anderson Glespen was driving down the I-95 in Florida on Saturday when she passed a biker. At first, she couldn't believe her eyes, then she asked her son, Joseph to film the man with her phone.

Glespene posted the video on Facebook and it went viral, garnering thousands of views in just a few hours. 

In the video, the biker is not wearing a shirt or shoes and is laying back on his bike as if he were on his couch, steering his motorbike with his bare feet. 

“I passed him and couldn’t believe it, so I slowed down and my son took a short video and a picture of him. I slowed to about 50-60 mph [my son] took the video.”

Rashand Anderson Glespen, Facebook

The man wore a bandana on his head and sunglasses and looked for all the world as relaxed as if he was on the beach catching a Florida tan.

Glespen commented that the man looked perfectly at ease, and controlled the bike effortlessly.

To her, it appeared as if this was a habit with him, something he'd done "a million times". 

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The video was widely commented, and some pointed out the reckless danger in which the biker was placing himself and others.

Though the Sunshine State is used to bikers and eccentric citizens, this man certainly pushed back the edges of the envelope.

The man didn't wear a helmet, which is permitted by Florida law, as long as the biker carries a minimum of $10,000 in medical insurance.

According to Glespen, the man was a Florida resident as his bike has a Florida plate.

Attorney Heath C. Murphy of the Jones Law Group, from St. Petersburg, said the biker could have found himself in hot water if the Police had seen him.

Murphy explained that the rider was violating several statutes including not having his legs and feet positioned on each side of the bike.

He would also be cited for careless driving or reckless driving -  which is a criminal charge.

Motorbikes are a popular mode of transport, and seem to embody a romantic "road warrior" image, but are extremely dangerous if not handled responsibly.

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