His wife died in a motorcycle accident so he asks hundreds of bikers to help finish her ride

Ray Hess lost his wife, Lynette Hess, while on the way to the church; now the biker wants hundreds of other bikers to help finish her last ride.

Ray took to Facebook to describe his heartbreak when his wife died in a motorcycle accident on June 24, 2018.

It was like any other ordinary day when Ray and Lynette Hess decided to go for a motorcycle ride. They decided to use their Harley to visit the church.

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While driving, Ray turned his head to listen to what his wife was saying. When he turned back to watch the road, he saw a car heading straight towards them. He tried to swerve to the right but lost control of his bike. 

In a Facebook post, he mentioned how upset he was that he could not complete that ill-fated ride.

He went on to say how he managed to survive the accident but his wife, Lynette, passed away due to serious injuries she received in the crash. 

She would have celebrated her birthday on July 29, 2018. Ray requested all bikers to help him finish that last ride as was Lynette’s wish.

‘I didn’t finish that ride to church. Sunday July 29th would have been my wife’s birthday. I would love for every biker to be at my house on this Sunday to finish this ride with me.’

Ray Lee Hess, Facebook, July 22, 2018.

He clearly mentioned that he was not looking for any financial assistance. He only wanted emotional backing during the ride

He described how excited his wife was to see around 50 Harley’s leave a funeral. He hoped everyone owning a Harley would join him in the last journey.

Ray stated that he expected the number of bikers showing up to be between 300 and 500. He added in the post that the aim was not only to finish the ride but also to support Lynette’s passion to bring lost souls to Christ.

He said that it was likely that people would have only space to stand but, he would love people to join him in their cars, trucks or even on their horses.

Ray also said it was enough if people just join him on the trip – there was no compulsion to join the service.

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