Eartha Kitt's biracial granddaughter is all grown up & stuns in pic by mom

A recent photo of Eartha Kitt’s stunning biracial granddaughter brings back memories of the legendary singer’s beauty and magnetism. Rachel is the daughter of Eartha's only child who looks nothing like her. 

World-famous singer Eartha Kitt had a lustrous career that spanned six decades. She delighted audiences in Broadway stages, recording studios, and movie and television screens with her unique brand of talent that shone way before Julie Andrews, Barbra Streisand, and Bette Middler came into the picture. She was also a dancer and one of the first widely known African-American sex symbols in the 50’s who was described by Orson Welles as “the most exciting woman in the world.”

Eartha’s beauty and magnetism drew her to the most recognizable men in Hollywood. Her daughter, Kitt Shapiro, even wrote about it in an essay she published in Closer Weekly earlier this year. She described her mother as a sponge to Welles, drawn to his intensity and knowledge. Kitt also revealed that despite speculation that her mother had a romantic relationship with James Dean, they were just very good friends who shared a deep connection. Dean’s death was something Eartha never got over. 

Today, Eartha’s beauty resonates not just in her daughter but with her granddaughter, Rachel, Kitt’s offspring.  In a photo her mother shared of her, the young biracial stunner was chugging water from a plastic bottle while lounging in what appeared to be an outdoor venue. Rachel has long hair, tan skin, and magnetic eyes that “say it all” as her mother described them in her caption. Kitt also included the hashtag “#hergrandmotherstalent” which would mean Rachel may have inherited Eartha’s vocal skills too. 

Rachel’s mother is predominantly white, a fact that earned Kitt a lot of backlash growing up. Her father was John McDonald, a white man, and her grandfather, Eartha’s father, was also white. It was unfortunate though that up until the legendary singer died, she never knew who her father was. In 1998, she was in tears when upon getting a hold of her original birth certificate, she saw her father’s name had been blacked out. 

As the daughter of a white man, Eartha grew up a victim of abuse. Kitt explains why. 

“My mother was referred to as a 'yellow gal', which was not a compliment. It meant someone who thought they were better than everyone else even though my mother was just a child at the time. She was horribly abused in the South. She was beaten, mistreated, emotionally and physically."

Eartha died in 2008 at the age of 81 after losing her battle to colon cancer. In her memory, Kitt set up a business called “Simply Eartha” which sells all sorts of goods from candles to sweaters bearing Eartha’s handwritten quotes. Kitt also manages the late singer’s estate. 

Apart from Rachel, Kitt also has a son, Jason, who registers more as white like her. In June, Kitt shared a photo of Jason and he is handsome and looks so much like his mother. Luckily for him, he doesn’t have to be bothered by questions relating to his skin color since he shares the same skin tone as his mother. Kitt, on the other hand, has had to deal with this question all her life because at first glance, no one would guess she’s Eartha’s daughter. But she is Eartha’s only child and daughter and she’s truly proud of her roots. 

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