Idris Elba's 16-year-old daughter has grown into a beautiful girl who looks just like him

Idris Elba has a lovely teenage daughter that is often seen with the actor on red carpets and in his social media posts. Isan Elba is used to the spotlight by now, but she's not sure about following her dad's steps into the industry.

The actor, who's currently busy filming the series "Luther" and wrapping up filming of the movie "Turn Up Charlie," is the proud father of two beautiful kids. Isan, 16, whom he shares with ex-wife Hanne "Kim" Nørgaard, and son Winston, 4, with ex-girlfriend Naiyana Garth.

The beautiful teenage girl has grown into a gorgeous lady who is not shy in front of the cameras. Isan has joined her father on several occasions while he walks on the red carpets of movie premieres, awards and all other kinds of events.

Earlier this year, she celebrated her 16th birthday with a lavish all-white party organized by her dad. The Winter Birthday Bash took place in Atlanta at the Park Tavern in Piedmont Park, and she crowned it with an exceptional performance from rapper YFN Lucci. 

Isan has a lovely relationship with her dad, and he has gushed about the girl on several occasions. On a visit to "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," he said of his daughter:

"She loves me but she tells me to calm down a little bit. She thinks I’m trying to be cool all of the time and I’m like, I am cool. She’s always trying to quiz me about rappers and I don’t know who’s who anymore."

While Idris has stated he's not bothered by the possibility of his children following his steps into the entertainment industry, Isan admitted to E! News that she's still thinking about what career path to take. "I want to be an actress but recently had a change of heart, so maybe photography and writing is sort of my thing now," she stated.

On a recent interview with Metro UK, Elba said "There’s no pressure from me to be in this industry, it’s whatever they want to do," and continued, "As long as they put their hearts and souls into it, that’s way more important to me. It would be great if my son said he wanted to be an astrologer, that would be amazing. Teach me something."

When asked about Isan's future boyfriends and if he was ready to give them "the talk," the 45-year-old confessed that contrary to belief, he's not a scary dad.  "I don’t think that in real life I’m that daunting. Do you think I’m daunting?" he said. 

For Elba, it is essential that his children have a good relationship with his fiancé Sabrina Dhowre. The former pageant queen seems to have left a good impression on Isan, as they have been caught shopping together and posing on either side of Idris on several occasions.

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