Tommy Ford's last interview made people think he knew about his untimely death

Tommy Ford, an actor, and comedian better known for his appearance in "Martin" passed away in 2016. An interview he did before his death reveals he probably knew he was going to die soon.

Tommy Ford, the famous actor, known for his appearance on "Martin," was featured in an interview with Angella Banks of Xcellence Community Magazine back in 2015.

TMZ released an audiotape of the interview and you we can hear the actor talking about life and death shortly before his passing. Reflecting on his life and legacy, the actor said:

"I got more years behind me than I have ahead of me... Half of my life is over and I'm OK with that. More than half of my life is over. How many black men do you know live to 102 years? Half of my life is over, and I'm OK with that.”

And added:

"It's not about how much I got left. It's how much I accomplished while I was here."

Thomas Mikal Ford, better known as Tommy Ford, was perhaps better known for his role as Tommy in Fox's situational comedy show "Martin." The sitcom lasted for five seasons, and it starred Martin Lawrence as Martin Payne, a DJ living with his girlfriend, Gina Waters in Detroit.

Ford appeared in over 130 episodes of the show.

Besides his role in "Martin," his most famous appearances include portraying the role of Tommy Smalls in "Harlem Nights," Lamar in "A Different World," Marcus in "The Jamie Foxx Show," Mel Parker in "The Parkers," and The Reverend in "Let's Stay Together" - his final role.

He passed away in October 2016, after suffering from an aneurysm that ruptured in his abdomen. He was 52.

Ford was married to Gina Sasso from 1997 to 2014 and had two children. At the time of his death, he was dating  Viviane Brazil.

Listen to an excerpt of his last interview below:

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