Tia Mowry melts hearts while celebrating baby Cairo's 4-month birthday with adorable picture

Tia Mowry made sure to celebrate her daughter's 4th month on Earth by posting an adorable photo of the little girl laying down in an empowering statement shirt. 

Now that Cairo Tiahna Hardrict is no stranger to the public eye, Tia has been willingly sharing pictures of her little one during her most special moments. Recently, the proud mama shared a photo of Cairo lying down on a braided mat with a relaxed smile on her face. 

Being the empowering icon that she is, it comes with no surprise that Tia is set to pass on the cause to her daughter. However, we didn't think that the doting mom would get her daughter on the feminist train this early on. 

For her 4th-month-old photoshoot, the little baby sported a cream "Women of Tomorrow" onesie, that signifies her bright future ahead. In her mother's caption, she made sure to show her disbelief at how her daughter has grown so fast. 

"Who runs the world! Wow! 4 months already!!!! We love you babygirl!"

Mowry has been doing a great job raising Cairo and her older brother Cree, making sure to put motherhood above anything else that she has to do. 

Now that she is 40-years-old, Tia has no time to mess around. After being in the entertainment industry for decades and after experiencing so many ups and downs, she now knows what truly matters in her life and she is not afraid to say it

"“I’m just going to be really honest with you. Now that I’m 40, I don’t have time for mess anymore. I know what I want. I know what I’m going after. I have a small group of friends because when you’re younger, it’s all about popularity but that doesn’t matter for me now. It’s about quality vs. quantity.”

Given her years-long experience, she's learned not to put unrealistic pressures on herself regarding pregnancy and motherhood. As for how she feels after giving birth to her second child, she says she feels happy in her own skin. 

"“I feel happy in my skin. I feel confident and I feel like as you get older, you learn more about who you are and you embrace who you are and just go with the flow of life and go with the punches."

Now, she celebrates yet another happy moment in her daughter's life as she turns four months old. Mowry-Hardrict has made sure to let her fans be the first to know regarding some of the most intimate details of her family's private life, and that's what makes their family even more loveable. 

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