August 30, 2018

A bear visited hotel that inspired Stephen King's 'The Shining'

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The Stanley Hotel hosted a very special late night guest - a bear

The Stanley Hotel in Colorado is used to unusual - and sometimes famous - guests. After all, it was while staying at this hotel that novelist Stephen King got the idea for what was to be one of his masterpieces of horror: "The Shining."

On the 23rd of August 2018, while the hotel's 300 guests slumbered peacefully a very strange and uninvited visitor decided to drop in.   

According to the hotel’s vice president, Reed Rowley, the incident occurred in the small hours of the morning and was captured on video by the front desk supervisor and posted on the hotel's Facebook page.



“Late night visitor from the wildside visits our hotel lobby. We'll make an exception to the rule about jumping on the furniture.”

A bear makes himself at home in a hotel

The night visitor was a bear. A big brown bear who walked in casually and proceeded to have a great time in the hotel's plush lobby.

The bear must have figured out how to open the lobby door, and sauntered in to explore the turf.

The bear proves to be an inconsiderate guest, jumping on the furniture, and giving the supervisor a bit of a fright when it casually strolled close to the front desk.


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Just looking for fun!

The man who is filming cringes behingd the marble-topped desk as the bear looks him over, and who can blame him?

Bear and human interactions are becoming more frequent, as the animals venture into homes, cars and in this case - a hotel - out of curiosity, or perhaps in search of a treat.


According to wildlife experts, bears are not naturally aggressive, unless they feel threatened, and become used to the presence of humans easily. 

The danger is that people can unknowingly trigger an attack by acting inappropriately. Bears may attack humans in response to being startled, in defense of their young or food. 

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