Elmo the singing dog shows off his musical talent on the piano

The talent is something that each one has; it's just a matter of discovering it, like this lovely Irish setter dog named Elmo.

The animal entered a room filled with pianos and instantly began to touch them and sing at the same time as if carrying a musician inside.

Dogs also have talent in music, as Elmo has shown. According to Daily Mail, the dog has become famous for a video where he appears playing the piano and "singing".

Elmo entered a room where there are several pianos and placed his paws on the keys of the piano, then began to press them and howl as if he were singing to the music.

But that was not all, the dog decided not only to touch one but three of the pianos that were in the place. Elmo's funny video has gone viral. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

In addition to delighting us with his artistic skills, he also surprised us with his singing, which he only played while playing the keys.

The video was recorded in the city of Vassan, Finland and has quickly gone viral, thousands of people have shared it on social networks and YouTube.

The story of Elmo reminds us of another talented dog who had the chance to show his gift in front of a very large audience. Accompanied by his owner named Pam, Oscar was a contestant of America's Got Talent.

He had the opportunity that thousands of people can only wish, singing in front of the famous critic Simon Cowell. He did not let his time in the center of attention go to waste.

As can be seen in the video shared by America’s Got Talent Youtube channel, according to Pam, who also provides Oscar's musical accompaniment, the dog began to sing on his own about a year and a half ago.

Oscar interpreted with confidence his canine interpretation of Canon in D Major of Pachelbel. Tyra Banks marveled behind the scenes of how the dog sang.

When the song ended, Oscar received a standing ovation. Even Cowell himself got up to show his appreciation.

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