Kirk Douglas, 101, gazes gently at his 8-month-old great-granddaughter in family pic

Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas recently appeared in a very sweet photo alongside his eight-month-old great-granddaughter Lua Izzy.

The actor, who is currently 101 years old, can be seen sitting in a comfortable chair at home and interacting with the little girl, who seems to be quite surprised by her great-grandfather.

The snap was taken by Michael Douglas' son, Cameron Douglas, who took to his Instagram account to share the adorable moment with his fans and followers.

The black-and-white photo depicted the innocent and beautiful interaction between the two different generations and was captioned with only one meaningful word: 'love.'

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Cameron and his girlfriend, Viviane Thibes, welcomed Lua, their first child, in December 2017, and it was the happiest moment in their lives. 

Lua, which means 'moon' in Portuguese, was given her middle name as a tribute to Kirk, who was born Issur Danielovitch, also known as Izzy to those close to him.


Back in January, the proud father and great-grandfather posed together with the little girl resting in the legendary actor's arms, a photo that was also shared on Instagram.

Lua's birth seemed to establish Cameron as a changed man, especially after his release from jail in 2016, where he spent seven years on account of drug possession.

Michael Douglas, who recently attended the premiere of Ant-Man and the Wasp, an event hosted by Synchrony and Avon, revealed that his son is doing much better now that he is a free man.


The 73-year-old, who is married with Catherine Zeta-Jones, shared that Cameron has organized his life and identified his priorities, and is exclusively focused on his wife and daughter.

Father and son posed together in January for a very special family photo that also included Viviane, Lua and Cameron's two younger siblings: Dylan Michael and Carys Zeta.

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