Gabby Sidibe puts slimmer curves on display in off-shoulder top & black skirt in pic with friend

Award-winning actress Gabourey Sidibe from the film "Precious" shared how happy she was to be hanging out with her friends after being quite busy. 

After reuniting with her friend, the duo took a mirror selfie while posing happily beside each other. Dressed in a lilac top and a black skirt with printed ruffles on its hemline, Gabby stuck her tongue out while holding her phone up.

Meanwhile, her lovely friend stood behind her, dressed in a pair of neon orange pants, a long black shirt, and sneakers. Her hair was braided colorfully, with her long green and blue hair falling down her shoulders. 

"Back to hanging out and doing hood rat stuff wit my frenz."

Sidibe has been oozing with confidence lately, being more comfortable in her own skin. She has been posting more photos of herself, trying to share a bit more about her life with her fans. 

In one of her recent posts on Instagram, she shared that sometimes, her work ends as early as 10 am, and so she has a lot of time to herself that she uses to take naps. 

However, her slimmer figure proves that although she takes time to nap, she also makes sure to take care of her body. Gabby looks visibly thinner than before in a white shirt, a pair of camo leggings and sneakers which showed off her curves. 

Several fans and followers have noticed the change in her weight, making sure to hit the comment section to point it out. Deciding to praise her for the work she put into her body and motivate her to keep going, Instagram users like Carolyn Thrower said that she was "looking good and slimming down". 

The "Precious" star started her weight-loss journey in May 2016 when she underwent a laparoscopic bariatric surgery for preventive measures. The surgery was caused by her type 2 diabetes diagnosis, which she did not want to worry about. 

After her stint on "Precious", she now focuses her time on the TV series "Empire", where she plays Becky Williams. 

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