Basketball Wives' star's ex-boyfriend arrested on assault charge

The ex-boyfriend of "Basketball Wives" star Jennifer Williams was arrested and charged with physical assault after previously being accused of punching his ex-restaurant employee. 

"Welcome to Sweetie Pie's" star Tim Norman was imprisoned in a Harris County, Texas jail last August 23 after a court found him guilty of assaulting his ex-restaurant employee just last year. However, after having his fingerprints taken and staying in jail for a few hours, he was bailed after paying $500. 

Norman was previously charged with misdemeanor assault by the District Attorney of Harris County, Texas. According to the police, on April 16, 2017, he punched a guy named Horace Hodges in the face. The man was a former chef at Sweetie Pie's whom Tim closely worked with.

According to Hodges, he was talking to his boss about paychecks for other employees, when things got escalated and Norman's temper rose until he punched him in the left eye. 

Norman's ex-girlfriend Jennifer Williams was at the restaurant that day, and while she told the police that while she did not see the assault happening, she confessed that Norman had told her that he punched Horace just minutes after the chef left the scene. 

After the situation happened, Horace told the cops that he wanted to press charges for what had happened, and the District Attorney supported him during his case. 

While an arraignment has been set for later this month, he is currently out of jail due to the $500 bond he paid to get out. 

Prior to his assault court case, Tim went viral after his "Basketball Wives" ex-girlfriend accused him of still stalking her after their separation. She went to court numerous times trying to deal with his stalking, and she has opened up about how his alleged behavior has been affecting her. 

"I need a permanent restraining order to get this guy out of my life forever. It's taking a toll on me. It's really wearing me down. I haven't been sleeping well. My mind is all over the place. I'm nervous. I still don't want to walk my dog after dark."

While Jennifer insists that she was not lying about the whole ordeal, Tim says otherwise. His side of the story was that he was upset by how the "Sweetie Pie" producers were forcing him to propose to his then-girlfriend. When he chose not to, she became upset. He even goes so far as to accuse his ex-girlfriend of trying to run over him with her car and slashing his tires. To add to these accusations, he claims she even stole money from him after she got upset that he wouldn't help fund her business dealings. 

Although we have no clue who was telling the truth between the two of them, Norman's issues with Williams is the least of his concerns now that he has a court case on his hands. 

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