Accidental 911 call leads to epic dance battle between boy and police officer

Police in Los Angeles responded to an accidental 911 call that led to a dance battle between an officer and a young boy. 

Last Monday, an accidental 911 call ended in a dance challenge between an officer and a young boy just to make sure that the children were okay. The LA Sheriff's Department wrote about the incident on their twitter, saying that it is one of their priorities to make sure that kids in their communities are safe. 

During the dance challenge, Deputy Vic Ekanem was keeping up with the kid's dance moves, until they switched to "the floss" challenge which quickly ended their contest. The department said that the initiative was meant to engage their community, even if the policemen do get embarrassed a bit. 

"Not making any excuses for our Deputy, BUT it was very hot that day."

"There is no typical day on patrol at #LASD. Accidental 911 call ends in a #dancechallenge after deputies take extra minutes to make sure kids were ok."

According to the LA Sheriff's Department, they believe that the children are the world's future. Thus it is important to keep them safe. Although they made sure to put smiles on people's faces on that particular day, the department made sure to assure people that they are still focusing on many other things to make sure that LA County remains a safe place for its residents and visitors. 

Aside from their dance-off, their Twitter account also reports instances wherein they catch suspects or criminals that have committed crimes such as burglary and assault. They also make sure to post about missing people, in hopes of having people on the internet help them in finding them. 

It seems that members of the LA Sheriff's Department have been doing their jobs excellently, and their recent stint to make sure children are safe would most definitely get communities to trust them, even more, when it comes to serving and protecting them.

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