Barack and Michelle Obama are back causing town to almost shut down in recent video

Aby Rivas
Aug 29, 2018
05:50 P.M.

The former president and first lady have made Martha’s Vineyard one of their preferred vocational spots. When the locals found out they were back in town; the streets were filled with people expecting to catch a glimpse at the Obamas.


Barack and Michelle Obama are one of the most loved famous couples in the Martha’s Vineyard Oak Bluff community. They had visited the island in many occasions, during the summers when Obama was still president, and once again last year after he finished his second term as POTUS.


The Obamas arrived on the island early in August and visited the Cardboard Box, the newest restaurant of Ben DeForest located in the center of the city, right where tourist and locals meet daily to enjoy the beautiful views of the “gingerbread cottages” and other well-preserved mid- to late-19th-century buildings.



Photos and videos recorded outside the restaurant show crowds of people surrounding the area as they waited for Barack and Michelle cheering and chanting “Obama, Obama!”

While Barack stayed put for a few moments smiling and saluting the crowd, Michelle barely got to greet to the flashes as she made her way directly into the awaiting cars. The couple eventually made their way out of the main road of Circuit Avenue in a pair of SUVs.


Ben DeForest explained that the couple had dinner with about 12 friends, and they decided to visit the new spot even though they often go for his more private restaurant, the Red Cat. Their dinner at the Cardboard Box, wasn’t as private as a couple of the caliber would like, but they enjoyed it.

“They could’ve gone to the Red Cat, where they know the experience, where they know what to expect,” DeForest said to Boston News, “It’s a very private experience over there. It’s quiet. It’s contained.”


The man compared the hysteria for the Obamas for that of the Beatles, saying:

“It shut the town down. It was really special. It was a testament to the power and the reverence in which people hold them. It was like The Beatles were in here in the early ’60s.”


The Obamas reportedly enjoy golfing, bicycling, and visiting some of the Island’s restaurants whenever they’re in town. The people have grown fond of the couple, and even when they’re not in town, locals are sending them tweets to go back and visit, stating they’re always welcome at the Vineyard.


A few months ago, the couple shut down the FedExField in Landover, Maryland, at Beyoncé’s and Jay-Z’s “On The Run II” tour. They were caught dancing, jumping and having a good time at the show while watching from the VIP boxes.


The crowds that were already excited for watching two of the most iconic performers in the industry were treated to a second show with the former president and first lady appearance.


Obama has been splitting his summertime between work and vacationing with the family. While his wife and daughters were traveling around Europe in July, he attended the opening ceremony of his half-sister’s sports and vocational training center in Kenya and gave a speech at the 16th annual Nelson Mandela Lecture in Johannesburg.

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