Steve Harvey has done away with his iconic mustache and is embracing his new salt-and-pepper beard

TV host and comedian Steve Harvey, best known as one of the Original Kings of Comedy, changed his style. He left his iconic thick, black mustache in the past.

In a recent interview Harvey had with ET Online, he showed up with a full salt-and-pepper beard, which dramatically changed his appearance. Not only he made his mustache thinner, but also stopped dying it in the strong black color people are used to.

Apart from that, he let his beard grew and, since he didn’t dye it either, he now has a beard and mustache with several grey and black hairs covering his face.

The 61-year-old host confessed that, since he was launching a new season of his daytime talk show titled "Steve," he had to reinvent himself.


According to Harvey, he had always had a mustache, but people never really noticed it because he also had hair on his head. As soon as he went bald – when he was about to turn 50 – his mustache became the most striking aspect of his face.


Harvey revealed that last year, he let it grew through the summer. However, there was not enough grey in the mustache yet, so he didn’t look that good and decided to wait another year for the big change.

"This year, when I didn't color it, it was a lot more gray, so I'm flipping the script. I'm gonna see how the beard game go. I'm gonna just do something different. I'm gonna stay fly till I die [sic]," pointed out Harvey.

Later, the man confessed that he wasn’t sure about changing the logo of his show – which has Harvey’s iconic mustache in the middle of it – because it was his wife’s decision whether he could keep his beard or not.

That was not the first time Harvey was seen with his grey beard as he recently uploaded a photo celebrating his son Jason and his grandson Noah’s birthdays rocking this new style.

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