Mother shares hilarious life hack for folding sheets

 Terri Estep Metz demonstrates a creative method of folding a fitted sheet and the video has gone viral, leaving netizens in fits of laughter. 

Metz, from Indiana, shared the video, in which she is seen making the tedious job of folding fitted sheets interesting, on her YouTube channel. 

The video begins with Metz standing with the sheet in her hands. She says that the sheets are freshly laundered and have just been taken out of the dryer.

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She mentions that she hates the part that comes after the sheets are pulled from the dryer. She has never enjoyed folding the sheets. 

Metz says that it's not just her, but everyone she knows hates it. She was going to reveal a straightforward process of folding a fitted sheet.

Source: YouTube / Terri Metz

Source: YouTube / Terri Metz

While she begins the process, she says that one has to take the sheet and lay it out on the floor. Then one leg has to be put in one corner, and one on the other edge of the sheet and one has to sit down. 

She then hooks each arm in the other corners of the sheet and lays down with her hands and legs spread in the sheet, on the floor. 

She adds that laying down can make the person folding the sheet very happy because he/she is already tired of the sheet folding process because it is rubbish. 

She goes on to say that the next step is to take the left side of our body and slowly to roll it over. 

Source: YouTube / Terri Metz

Source: YouTube / Terri Metz

Metz then folds herself into the sheet, the person holding the camera and recording this video can be heard giggling. 

"At this point, you take this corner and tuck it up in that corner; therefore you have freed a hand,” she says in the video. 

Metz then demonstrates how to get out of the sheet. She says that both the legs should be slowly taken out one after the other and the body should be rolled out carefully.

"And then you get up at this point then you do once twice, bingo baby!” she says when the sheet is finally folded. 

Metz looks satisfied with the job and says that the “baby” is ready to be kept in the linen closet. 

She ends the video by saying, “That's the way you do it my sweets, toodaloo," and gives a thumbs up to the camera. 

The video was shared on Metz channel, Terri Metz, on YouTube and has gained over 500,000 views since it was posted on July 1, 2018.  

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