Here's what doctor finds when child goes to emergency room thinking he has a pencil in his ear

A child who visited the doctor because he got stuck a pencil in one of his ears discovered that he had a bigger problem that could complicate his auditory system.

The child was taken to a hospital when he said he had a pencil stuck in his ear, but the truth is there was something else that caused his hearing discomfort. BBC shared the case through YouTube, in 2011.

Even though the ear is a sensitive and small organ, all kinds of dirt may fall on it. Even some small objects or insects can get trapped in the auditory cavity. 

The parents were shocked when their son told them he had a piece of a pencil inside his ear. After scratching with that object, the pencil broke and a small part was trapped in his ear.

However, the child did not tell his family immediately after the incident. He waited a week to tell his parents, for fear that they would give him some kind of scolding or punishment.

Source: / BBC

Source: / BBC

The doctors were worried because the situation could be more serious than they thought. The fact that a week had gone by did not facilitate the doctors' task. Follow us on Twitter to learn more.

Dr. Philip Russell said that the worst that could happen is a very strong infection, which could affect your hearing balance, coordination and if you let it last longer, the child could become deaf.

Source: / BBC

Source: / BBC

The surprise of all was when they were doing the procedure and the doctors took out the pencil because besides this element there was a small clock battery. The child never knew how that battery arrived in his ear.

Although the doctors were able to remove the elements embedded in the ear of the child, the incident had damaged the eardrum of Lewis King and had no kind of medical arrangement, but natural.

The eardrum is very similar to the skin and should naturally grow back in six weeks. However, the way in which the battery reached his ear remains a mystery since little Lewis did not reveal it to anyone. 

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