Ayesha Curry melts hearts in cute pic wearing matching pyjamas with all of her 3 children

Ayesha Curry dressed up in matching pajamas with her three children, looking adorable as always in her new snap. Her latest Instagram content was for a good cause, and so the proud mom gladly did the challenge with her children. 

All dressed up and ready for bed in gray and white striped pajama coordinates, Ayesha, Riley, Ryan, and Canon flashed a smile for the camera. While matching pajamas might be a normal thing for some families, the Curry family actually did it for a good cause.

According to Ayesha, every post using the hashtag #theawesomechallenge will donate back to school supplies to children who need it through the user @baby2baby on Instagram. After being challenged to "do something awesome", she nominated four of her friends to do the same and support the cause. She made sure to nominate her mommy friends Lala Daly, Asia Saffold, Ashley Bias and Tamera Mowry. As for who nominated her? It was none other than Chris Bosh's lovely wife Adrienne.

While their NBA superstar daddy might have been to cool to dress up in matching pajamas with them, he most probably took the photo as the entire family looked ready to sleep. 

Just a few weeks ago, Ayesha and Steph celebrated their 10th anniversary together as a couple and their 7th anniversary together as husband and wife. Being the lovable couple that they are, they made sure to shower each other with sweet messages on social media, proving how pure and genuine their love for one another really is. 

To celebrate their decade-long relationship, Mrs. Curry posted a throwback photo taken on the day they made their relationship official. She took a photo of their printed selfie, which showed young Ayesha, 19, and young Steph, 20. 

During their wedding anniversary, they also made sure to express their love for each other, with Ayesha saying their life together is "like a dream". Likewise, Steph made sure to say that he can't imagine life without his beautiful wife. 

The Currys are definitely one of the top most influential families in America, and for good reason. Not only are they extremely good at what they do, but they also center their family around God. 

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