Dad takes his little daughter on her first date

Fathers have a responsibility toward their daughters and a viral video aimed at driving that point home was shared by an insurance company. 

The video was briefly used as a commercial, and the director of the company hoped that parents would be reminded to spend time with their children. 

The video, shared by Because of Camilito on YouTube and was released back in June just in time for Father's Day. 

The commercial begins with a man getting ready for a date. His friend asks him if he's nervous for the big night, and wants to know what he has planned for the evening. 

Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa. The short video clip can be seen below. The man replies that he has prepared dinner on the back porch, saying:

"She won't be expecting that at all." 

He then puts on his jacket and tie and heads out the front door where he stops to compose himself before turning around and going back to the door. 

He rings the bail and waits patiently for the door to be opened by his daughter, dressed in an adorable pink dress and white shoes. 

She asks if he is ready for their date and the two go through to the backyard where a feast of sandwiches, carrots, and strawberries await them, complete with a waiter. 

The father hands his daughter a bouquet of red roses, and the table is set with princess-themed cutlery and utensils. 

After their meal, they head to the playground where the doting father pushes his daughter on a swing and watches as the goes down a slide. 

The video ends with the heartwarming message that fathers will always be their daughters first love. Daughters will remember how their fathers treat them for their whole lives. 

The actors in the commercial are Aaron Dickson and his daughter Analynne. As can be seen from his social media accounts, they are continuing their tradition of father-daughter dates. 

Fathers from around the world are keeping the tradition alive, including rapper Rick Ross who recently shared photos online of daughter's prom.  

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