Puppy comforts little sister at the vet (video)

A touching clip was uploaded to Facebook that shows the heartwarming moment when a male puppy comforted his sick sister at the vet. 

The genuine love and care this pooch showed poured right through the camera in the video recorded by Dr. Mohammad Buyahaya. According to Unilad, the pups both contracted the Parvo Virus.

In the clip, the brother rested his paw on his sister's neck. Then, he lowered his head and laid it gently on her head in an act of consolation. 

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Source: Facebook video

Source: Facebook video

Viewers observed the sick pup had a white bandage on her paw. Buyahya explained:

"I filmed this video with my phone's camera when 2 puppies came in that were treated for the Parvo Virus in my clinic Africano Centre in Cairo. The male puppy had made a recovery before his sister, and he was acting so worried and emotional about her and started to give her his support and love until they both made a full recovery."

Source: Facebook Video

Source: Facebook Video

The virus is potentially deadly to puppies and young dogs if not treated. Symptoms include lethargy, vomiting, fever, and bloody diarrhea. It is spread via feces from sick animals, infected soil or fomites which carry the virus.

Back in 2015, another adorable canine displayed what we thought was a behavior reserved only for us humans. The dog took serious offense when he was tricked into going to the vet. 

He retaliated by hitting his owner with the dreaded "silent treatment." 

Upon arriving at the vet, the dog realized where he is and immediately ignored the owner's calls. The owner, who recorded the hilarious dog, got out of the vehicle and went around to the passenger side where his dog sat. 

When he opened the door and called the dog's name, he was met with a defiant stare as his dog looked straight ahead away from the owner. 

The YouTube video has garnered over a million views from people who were thoroughly entertained by the intelligent dog.

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